Toddler Tips

There’s more than a grain of truth in the old saying that it’s never too early to begin reading to your child! From about 6 months onwards your child will delight in reading simple board or cloth books with you. From about 1 -2 years you can progress to books that feature rhyming and repetition, then on to books with more text and simple story lines.

Be sure to hold the book where your toddler can easily see the text and pictures, pointing out things of interest as you read. Running your finger along under each word as you read is also worthwhile, as this helps children realise that words have meaning and that sentences go from left to right. Establish a regular time and place for your daily reading sessions, such as before bed and/or nap times.

In addition, immersing children in a print rich environment will increase their awareness of text, images and fonts. Keep a variety of reading materials such as picture books, magazines, and newspapers in places children can reach. Take your toddler to the library and choose books together to borrow. Reinforce the love of books and reading by modelling it yourself!


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