If you work full time or simply can't make it to ELW's wonderful Letterland classes, our Phonics at Home Fabulous Five pack is for you:

  • Learn to Read & Write - A Parent's Guide
  • ABC Storybook (softcover)
  • Alphabet Songs CD
  • Wipe Clean Alphabet Book
  • First Reading Flashcards

Phonics at Home Fabulous Five Pack

  • Learn to Read & Write - A Parent's Guide:

    This clearly written guide is full of useful and practical advice for helping your child learn to read and write. It will introduce you to phonics and the different stages of literacy and give you fun ideas for things you can easily do to help develop your child’s reading and writing skills.

    ABC Storybook (softcover):

    An essential part of your Letterland library! This book is recommended as one of the key resources for introducing the Letterlanders to you child for the first time. Page by page you will learn a little about each character, and how they will help your child remember the names and sounds of the alphabet.

    Alphabet Songs CD:

    Each Letterland character has their own song. This CD compliments the ABC Storybook when introducing your child to the Letterlanders. Booklet of lyrics included.

    Wipe Clean Alphabet Book: 

    Hundreds of thousands of children have already learned to read with the help of Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben and Clever Cat – just three of the friendly characters who form part of the unique phonics system called Letterland. Now you can have fun with the Letterland friends in this wipe clean book and practice letter shapes again and again!

    First Reading Flashcards:

    An interactive way to learn each Letterland character and extend into building small words. There is a card for each letter and it's capital with the pictogram on one side and the plain letter shape on the flip side.