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Early Learning World is a small family owned business that has provided preschool literacy tuition for more than 10 years using the proven Letterland phonics program as its foundation. We are known for our expertise in early literacy and our curriculum has been developed and enriched over the years by experienced preschool and primary school teachers. Our Letterland classes are held at the conveniently located Willoughby Park Anglican Church at 19 Warrane Road (cnr McClelland St), North Willoughby. There is ample parking for parents, plus the delightful Willoughby Park right opposite which has a large playground, bike track and oval for students and siblings alike! 


Lauren Sampson - Owner of Early Learning World

Lauren is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher. She loves working with pre-school children and has a passion for all things literacy. Lauren enjoys seeing the progress children make and the confidence they gain, ready for their learning journey into school.  Lauren’s kindness, enthusiasm and dedication allow all children to reach their full potential. 

Louise Collier - Teacher

Louise brings a wealth of experience in early childhood, primary and specialist teaching of the deaf to the Letterland program. Her background also includes teaching children with learning difficulties, all of which contribute to her wonderful toolbox of learning strategies. Louise’s calm and patient nature ensures her popularity with the children, and as a valued member of the Letterland teaching team.


"Jack is doing really well. I was so concerned about him going to kindy this year and if he was ready (Jack turns 5 in May). He has settled in really well and loves learning letters and sounds and making words. He is behaving very well in school so far too. He did ask a couple of times when he was going back to Letterland and was sad to know he doesn’t get to go back. We still sing the song and read our book. It is a wonderful program and I’m so pleased we were a part of it for a short while. It really has helped initiate a love of learning with him. I wish I’d known about it for my eldest who was 5 when he started but just not that interested in reading and learning...more interested in playing!"

Kat, parent of Jack


"I just want to say thank you for all your time, care and support with Isaac this year. He has really enjoyed your class and I've noticed such a difference from his time there. I will definitely be enrolling my daughter in your program when she is ready."

Vanessa, parent of Isaac


Poppy has really enjoyed Letterland, and learnt a great deal. I feel that she is now in a good position to start school. Let me know if I can do anything to help promote the classes. 

Becky, parent of Poppy


“Thank you both so much for all your work with the boys - we cannot thank you enough. l believe that sending our boys to school knowing the letters, phonics and sounds will give them great confidence and really set them up for success in the classroom, and a life long love of reading and writing.  We will certainly recommend Letterland to everyone and wish you all the best.”

Rebecca, parent of Rocco & Massimo


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